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Architektenkammer Niedersachsen

Together with Image in Motion we crafted this Image movie. I was involved in the conceptual stage (Storyboard, Styledevelopment)  and production (Motion Design in After Effects and Cinema 4D). The client wanted something abstract that should not depict any kind of architecture.

Tools Used: After Effects, Illustrator, Cinema 4D R18 (Rendered with Physical Render)


Architektenkammer Niedersachen made a public announcement that they were in need of a new image movie. We were invited to Hannover to pitch our ideas and styles. The main challenge was that they did not want to depict any architecture.


After meetings with different architects (Landscape, Urban, Interiour, Exterior) we were able to focus on a clean and more classic approach with typography and clean lines. We presented a short example of how the animations could work.